Revolutionizing Practice Efficiency and Coordination at Summit Orthopedics with HUB Healthcare


Summit Orthopedics, under the leadership of Dr. Robert Johnson, is a renowned orthopedic practice committed to delivering exceptional patient care. This case study showcases the transformative impact of implementing HUB Healthcare, a comprehensive healthcare coordination platform, on their scheduling process. The dedicated administrative staff at Summit Orthopedics played a pivotal role in optimizing their operations resulting in significant time savings of over 10%.

The Labor Shortage Challenge in Healthcare

The healthcare sector, particularly surgical practices, is grappling with a severe labor shortage, culminating in operational challenges and inefficiencies. In September 2022, there were 2.1 million job openings in healthcare and social assistance, emphasizing the magnitude of this issue. In this labor crisis, the challenge of filling these roles is daunting. Consequently, healthcare organizations are compelled to consider alternative strategies that center around the optimization and efficiency enhancement of existing human resources. One such strategy is to improve coordination, thereby reducing the time spent on routine tasks. This strategic approach to resource management offers a viable solution to overcome labor shortage challenges and ensure continuity of quality patient care.

Challenges Faced

Before adopting HUB Healthcare, Summit Orthopedics grappled with an inefficient and time-consuming process of individually contacting hospitals, vendors, and staff members via email, fax, and phone calls. This decentralized approach led to delays, miscommunication, and a lack of visibility for critical scheduling updates. Basic tools like Google Calendar and Excel spreadsheets proved inadequate for managing appointments and information. It became evident that a more advanced, centralized, and HIPAA-compliant coordination system was essential.

Implementing HUB Healthcare

Recognizing the need for a streamlined approach, the administrative and scheduling staff at Summit Orthopedics spearheaded the transition to HUB. The HUB platform revolutionized their practice by providing a centralized hub for scheduling and coordination. It enabled efficient communication, collaboration, and secure file and image sharing within a HIPAA-compliant environment. The surgeons and practice ownership were highly impressed with the immediate difference HUB made.

“Implementing HUB is a game-changer! It streamlines surgeries by improving how we track, schedule, and collaborate. Every detail counts when arranging a surgical procedure, and HUB allows us to work faster and smarter, delivering the best possible experience to our patients.”

– Dr. Robert Johnson, Summit Orthopedics

Time Savings and Enhanced Accuracy

Integrating HUB Healthcare resulted in significant time savings for Summit Orthopedics. Previously, individually contacting hospitals, vendors, and staff members consumed a substantial amount of the scheduling staff’s time. With HUB, they gained instant access to all necessary stakeholders, eliminating the need for multiple emails, faxes, and phone calls. As a result, the practice experienced a remarkable time savings for their employees.

By centralizing all communication and information through HUB, Summit Orthopedics saved approximately 56.25 hours in 7 months, which would have otherwise been spent on individual communications. (135 cases, 5 individuals per case, 675 communications)

Furthermore, the streamlined process ensured accurate communication and easy accessibility of scheduling updates for all parties involved, including external vendors. The risk of miscommunication and scheduling conflicts diminished, enhancing the overall efficiency and quality of patient care.

Collaboration and File Sharing

HUB empowered the administrative staff at Summit Orthopedics to collaborate seamlessly with 11 users, including surgeons, clinical and office staff, and vendors, within a single workspace. The platform’s built-in messaging and chat features facilitated instant communication, eliminating delays caused by phone tag or email exchanges. This real-time collaboration significantly improved efficiency and reduced response times.

Additionally, HUB’s file-sharing capabilities allowed convenient exchange of important documents, digital files, notes, and images among the team. Diagnostic reports, imaging files, and critical documents could be shared effortlessly, fostering a more comprehensive and streamlined approach to patient care.

HIPAA Compliance

HUB Healthcare prioritizes HIPAA compliance to ensure the security of patient data. All communications, file sharing, and messaging features adhere to the highest privacy and security standards. Summit Orthopedics could confidently leverage the platform, knowing that patient information remained confidential and protected.


The adoption of HUB Healthcare transformed the scheduling process at Summit Orthopedics, thanks to the vision and leadership of their scheduling staff, with support from the surgeons. By centralizing coordination, reducing manual efforts, and providing a secure communication and file-sharing environment, HUB revolutionized Summit’s operations. The practice achieved remarkable time savings of over 40%, enhanced accuracy in communication, improved collaboration, and ensured HIPAA compliance. This case study exemplifies the positive impact that an efficient healthcare coordination platform can have on a practice’s operations and, ultimately, patient care.

About HUB Healthcare: HUB Healthcare is the Case Command Center for truly collaborative care. With HUB, surgical cases and procedures can be scheduled, coordinated, and tracked seamlessly. The platform’s direct HIPAA-compliant communication capabilities synchronize all necessary care community members within and outside your network, enhancing coordination and efficiency.