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  1. What is HUB?
    • HUB is a HIPAA-compliant healthcare coordination platform.
  2. Is HUB HIPAA-compliant?
    • Yes, HUB is fully HIPAA-compliant for secure healthcare collaboration.

Account Management

  1. How do I change my password?
    • Go to “Profile” → “Settings” → “Change Password.”
  2. How can I update my notification settings?
    • Navigate to “Profile” and change your notification preferences there.
  3. How do I sync my calendar?
    • Link your Google or Apple account via “Profile” to sync calendars.


  1. How do I create a new case?
    • Click the “+” button in the “Cases” tab.
  2. What are case types?
    • Types are Quick Start, Enhanced, and Comprehensive Surgery Schedule.
    • Each case type is designed for varying levels of detail and complexity:
      • Quick Start: This is the simplest form. Ideal for quick case setups without needing extensive details.
      • Enhanced: A more detailed option that allows for workflows and additional participant roles.
      • Comprehensive Surgery Schedule: The most detailed form. Designed for surgical cases that require a full schedule, multiple roles, and workflows.
  3. How do I add participants to a case?
    • Use the “+” button within the case to add participants.
  4. Can I clone a case?
    • Yes, use the “Actions” button in a case to clone it.
  5. How do I reschedule a case?
    • Use the “Actions” button and select “Reschedule.”


  1. Where can I find email templates?
    • Navigate to the “Templates” tab.
  2. How do I create custom email templates?
    • Use the “Templates” tab to make custom email templates.
  3. Can I schedule emails?
    • Yes, you can schedule emails during case creation when you include an “Email Scheduler” step. Set the date and time within that step.
  4. How do I add CPT codes to a template?
    • To add CPT codes, include a “CPT Step” in your case. You can then search and add the codes within that step.


  1. How do I share my calendar?
    • Go to “Calendar Settings,” then “Share Availability.”
  2. Can I view multiple workspaces on my calendar?
    • Yes, adjust settings accordingly.
  3. How do I customize my calendar view?
    • Go to “Calendar Settings” for customization options.


  1. How do I create a group and what is its purpose?
    • In the user menu, navigate to the “Groups” tab. Groups allow you to organize users for easier communication and case assignment, enhancing team collaboration.
  2. How do I add a group to a case?
    • Add a group while creating or editing a case.
  3. Can I set group-specific tasks?
    • Yes, assign tasks to a specific group in the task settings.
  4. Can I message groups?
    • Yes, you can message groups directly through the chat feature. Look for the mail icon at the top of the page to access the chat area.

Task Management

  1. How do I add tasks?
    • Tasks can be added within a case by assigning steps to case participants.
  2. Where do I find my tasks?
    • Your tasks are located in the dashboard.
  3. How do I mark a task as completed?
    • Click the checkbox next to the task to mark it as complete.
  4. Can I delegate tasks to other users?
    • Yes, assign tasks to users in the task settings.


  1. What is a workflow?
    • A workflow is a series of automated steps within a case, designed to streamline processes and ensure consistency. Workflows are important for efficient case management and reducing manual tasks.
  2. How do I add a workflow to a case?
    • Workflows are available in Enhanced and Comprehensive case options.
  3. Can I customize workflow steps?
    • Yes, create custom steps under “Edit Workspace.”
  4. How do I automate emails in a workflow?
    • Use the “Email Scheduler” step in the workflow settings.
  5. Can I add preference cards to a workflow?
    • Yes, drag your preference card into a workflow stage.
  6. What is the “Email Scheduler” step?
    • The Email Scheduler allows you to schedule templated emails to send at a specific date and time.
  7. What does the “CPT Code” step do?
    • This step lets you add relevant CPT codes that are associated with your case.
  8. How does “Document Upload” work?
    • The Document Upload step allows you to attach necessary documents to your case.
  9. What is a “Custom Step”?
    • A Custom Step allows you to create a unique workflow step tailored to your specific needs.
  10. What’s the purpose of the “Communication Step”?
    • The Communication Step is used to automate emails within your workflow.
  11. What does the “Preference Card” step involve?
    • In this step, you can add pre-set cards that detail your equipment or procedure preferences.
  12. How does “Task Assignment” work?
    • The Task Assignment step allows you to assign specific tasks to users involved in the case.
  13. What is the “Case Status”?
    • The Case Status step enables you to update the status of the case, such as Open, Pending, or Closed.
  14. What are “Notifications”?
    • The Notifications step sends alerts to specified users within the workflow.

Documents & Sharing

  1. How do I upload a document?
    • Use the “Documents” tab to upload files.
  2. Is document sharing HIPAA-compliant?
    • Yes, all document sharing is HIPAA-compliant.
  3. How do I share a document in a chat?
    • Attach a document to a chat message.
  4. Can I attach documents to cases?
    • Yes, use the “Documents” tab within a case to attach files.
  5. How do I create a preference card?
    • Use the main menu to create and manage preference cards.

Chat & Communication

  1. How do I initiate a chat?
    • Use the “Chat” tab to start new conversations.
  2. Is chat HIPAA-compliant?
    • Yes, all chat communication is HIPAA-compliant.
  3. Can I send files over chat?
    • Yes, files can be attached to chat messages.
  4. Can I chat with groups?
    • Yes, you can initiate group chats.
  5. How do I mute chat notifications?
    • Use the settings in the chat window to mute notifications.

Workspace Management

  1. How do I create a new workspace?
    • Use the workspace dropdown to create a new workspace.
  2. How do I invite people to my workspace?
    • Use the “+” icon at the top of the page and click “invite”.
  3. Can I remove members from my workspace?
    • Yes, navigate to “Users” to remove individuals.
  4. Is there a member limit for workspaces?
    • No, you can invite an infinite number of members.
  5. How do I manage workspace settings?
    • Go to “Workspace Settings” to adjust configurations.

Profile & Settings

  1. How do I change my profile picture?
    • Navigate to “Profile” → “Edit Profile” to change your picture.
  2. How do I connect external accounts?
    • Go to “Profile” → “Linked Accounts” to add external accounts.
  3. Can I personalize HUB?
    • Yes, use “Profile” → “Customize” for personalization options.
  4. What are notification settings?
    • Adjust how you receive notifications under “Profile” → “Notifications.”
  5. How do I switch between workspaces?
    • Use the workspace dropdown at the top to switch
  6. Can I sync with external calendars?
    • Yes, go to “Profile” → “Linked Accounts” to sync calendars.
  7. How do I change my username?
    • Navigate to “Profile” → “Edit Username” for options.
  8. How do I change my email?
    • Go to “Profile” → “Edit Email” to update
  9. Is there a user guide or tutorial?
    • Yes, check out our detailed walkthroughs for guidance.
  10. Can I set location preferences?
    • Yes, navigate to “Profile” → “Locations” to set.
  11. Is data encryption available?
    • Yes, all data is encrypted for security.
  12. Can I archive old cases?
    • Yes, use “Actions” → “Delete” in the case settings.
  13. How do I log out?
    • Use the dropdown at the top-right corner and select “Log Out.”