Healthcare Needs Better Collaboration

If we are forced to use email, phone, and fax to coordinate important patient events, there will be complications.

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The story of the forgotten equipment

It was a day like any other in the operating room, with a routine surgery underway. But as the procedure progressed, it became apparent that a critical piece of equipment was missing – and it was two hours away. The realization hit like a ton of bricks: someone had overlooked ensuring all necessary tools were on hand. The surgery had already begun; the patient lay under anesthesia, the clock ticking away.

The Underlying Problem

This mishap wasn’t just about human error. It highlighted a deeper, systemic issue plaguing our healthcare system: reliance on outdated technology. In an era where instant communication is the norm, healthcare still leans heavily on fax machines and similar archaic methods. These tools are slow, unpredictable, and lack accountability. In critical moments, every second counts, and the antiquated systems in place are simply not up to par.

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The Consequences

The impact of this delay was multi-faceted. The patient, under anesthesia for an extended period, faced increased risks. Their family, waiting anxiously, grew more concerned as time passed. The surgeon, frustrated by the delay, felt additional pressure that could potentially affect performance. Meanwhile, the operating room’s schedule was thrown off, delaying subsequent procedures and escalating costs. This chain reaction of events stemmed from a single lapse in efficient communication and resource management.

A Call for Change: Empowering Frontline Workers

Why can’t we have a platform that liberates communication, allowing healthcare workers to take the reins in solving problems? Imagine a user-friendly system that can be integrated within 15 minutes, without needing extensive IT support, a credit card, or a sales rep’s pitch. A tool that balances data protection with efficient communication, designed specifically for the fast-paced, high-stakes environment of healthcare.

The Vision

Such a platform could empower our frontline workers, enabling them to prevent situations like the one described. It would facilitate quick, reliable communication and resource management, ensuring that every member of the healthcare team is equipped with the right tools at the right time. In doing so, it could significantly reduce the risks and costs associated with delays and miscommunication.

The Future Awaits

This story isn’t just a hypothetical scenario; it’s a call to action. It’s a glimpse into the urgent need for innovation in healthcare communication – a need that, when addressed, could transform the efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness of patient care. Let’s empower our healthcare professionals with the tools they deserve, for the sake of every patient they serve.

The BIG Opportunity

(Our secret motivation – only for those who have read this far)

Another scenario……..

Our motivation stems from scenarios like this: It’s an ordinary day when you find yourself walking into your doctor’s office. Your heart beats faster, your palms dampen, and your mind is filled with numerous questions. You’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Numerous treatment options are presented to you: surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, or even cutting-edge precision medicine. Your doctor offers their recommendation, but the ultimate choice is in your hands.

You step out of the office, feeling overwhelmed and anxious. You desperately need to learn more, to understand what awaits, and to select the best treatment course. But where do you turn for information? You could start with an internet search, navigating through endless pages of medical jargon and patient stories. You could join a support group, seeking guidance from those who have walked this path before. But ensuring this information is trustworthy, neutral, and applicable to your unique case is challenging.

Now, envision a world where you have access to a reliable resource, a HUB filled with unbiased, real-world data from hundreds of thousands of patients who once faced the same life-altering decision. Imagine having access to unfiltered, genuine information that reflects the collective wisdom and experiences of individuals like you, free from any influence from profit-driven entities, pharmaceutical companies, or governmental bodies.

This resource incorporates data from across the globe, featuring diverse methodologies, treatment options, and healthcare systems. You’d have access to outcomes from patients who chose each treatment you’re considering, offering a comprehensive understanding of your options.

Our objective is to revolutionize healthcare decision-making by actively crafting a platform for unbiased collaboration and data gathering. Our approach is to provide a tool, akin to a collaborative ‘LinkedIn’ for healthcare, that facilitates network adoption across the entire healthcare landscape. Our mission is to include insights from doctors, patients, researchers, and healthcare providers in an unbiased, crowd-sourced fashion.

Our vision is a world where you feel truly empowered to navigate your health journey with confidence and clarity. Welcome to the future of healthcare decision-making; welcome to HUB.

Igniting a Healthcare Revolution


Our goal is to drive transformation in healthcare by creating a centralized platform, HUB, which fosters collaboration and data-driven insights to offer a unified view of global healthcare. We aim to harness collective wisdom on a universal platform, decentralizing data to enable a broader understanding of healthcare. Through collaboration on HUB, our users will contribute to comprehensive models of healthcare systems, focusing on accessibility, quality, outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and equity. Every piece of data or shared experience will contribute to this picture, much like each dot in a pointillist painting adds to the whole.

In 2023, we’re a SaaS platform enhancing communication and collaboration among hundreds of users. We anticipate significant growth by 2027, with hundreds of thousands of users contributing to our data pool. This expansion will enable us to tackle pressing healthcare issues, ranging from operational improvements to larger challenges like healthcare-related bias and fraud. Our vision is for HUB to become a vital resource where shared experiences improve understanding and inform better health decisions.

I welcome you on this journey and hope you find this platform as an answer to whichever problem you are attempting to solve. If I can assist you in any way, do not hesitate to contact me directly at

Thank you for your ambition and your faith in our mission.


PS – If you need help figuring out how to use HUB – go to our help center – there are resources there to guide you.