HIPAA Compliant Communication and Document Sharing

Streamline communication between providers, patients, facilities and vendors with email, text and impressive document sharing capabilities.
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1:1 and Group Chat: Engage in private or team conversations, ensuring continuity of care and collaboration.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging: Communicate with confidence, knowing that all interactions meet strict privacy and security standards.

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File Support: Share image files, MRIs, and other specific types seamlessly, facilitating comprehensive case reviews and diagnostics.

Fax Replacement: Modernize your communication with digital document sharing, while retaining the option to fax when necessary.

Instant Access: Quickly distribute and retrieve documents among vendors, providers, and patients, improving response times and patient care.


Robust Security: Protect patient information with end-to-end encryption and strict adherence to HIPAA guidelines.

Flexible Connectivity: Connect vendors, providers, facilities, and patients on a single platform, making healthcare more accessible and efficient.

Immediate Information Sharing: Enable real-time updates and information exchange, ensuring everyone involved is informed and empowered to act promptly.

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HUB members are 100% confident their documents have arrived to their destination in a HIPAA compliant way


Productivity Basics Details
Message and file history 365 days
Audio and video communication
Integrations with other apps
Workspaces 1 workspace
User / members Unlimited
Workflows and tasks
Preference cards
CPT Coding tracking
Financial input management
Operating room management
Send and receive faxes Unlimited
Dicom Viewer Unlimited
External Collaboration
Work with other organizations Unlimited
Work with individuals Unlimited
Security and Compliance
Data encryption
Support for HIPAA compliance
User permissions
File protection and sharing rights
Access to customer support
Dedicated account support
Data imports - Inventory or other

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HUB Healthcare provides a secure messaging app designed specifically for seamless patient communication. Our platform ensures that all messages are encrypted and HIPAA-compliant, facilitating safe and efficient patient engagement.

Our platform offers secure document sharing with end-to-end encryption, allowing providers and patients to exchange documents confidently, knowing their information is protected by the most secure messaging app protocols.

HUB Healthcare is equipped with robust patient engagement strategies, including encrypted messaging, real-time notifications, and the ability to conduct video calls, all within a HIPAA-compliant environment.

Yes, vendors and providers can utilize HUB Healthcare’s TOL secure messaging to connect with patients and each other, ensuring all communications are secure and comply with HIPAA standards.

Our platform is designed as the most secure messaging app, offering instant messaging capabilities that are encrypted and HIPAA-compliant, ensuring immediate and secure communication for healthcare professionals and patients.

HUB Healthcare is recognized among the most secure messaging apps because it uses advanced encryption protocols and is designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry, adhering strictly to HIPAA compliance for file sharing and communication.

Absolutely, HUB Healthcare is not only suitable but also dedicated to HIPAA compliant file sharing, ensuring that all documents shared over our platform maintain the highest security standards. For more detailed case studies and examples, visit our help center.

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Improve your workflow
Better coordination with surgeons
Better insights for your practice
Improve productivity