How To Use HUB Healthcare For Workflows


The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly, and efficiency is more crucial than ever. HUB Healthcare is increasingly popular among organizations for enhancing workflows and patient care. Let’s delve into how HUB Healthcare works and its benefits for optimizing workflows.

What is HUB Healthcare?

HUB Healthcare

HUB Healthcare is a centralized platform integrating various healthcare systems and applications for seamless data exchange and collaboration. It serves as a central point for electronic health records, medical devices, and other systems, streamlining access to patient information and communication between providers.

Benefits of HUB Healthcare

  • Real-Time Access and Sharing: HUB Healthcare allows real-time access and sharing of patient information, improving diagnosis and treatment speed and accuracy.

  • Error Reduction: It helps reduce errors and duplications in tests, saving time and resources.

  • System Integration: HUB easily integrates with existing systems and applications, avoiding the need for completely new technologies.

Using HUB Healthcare for Workflows

To start with HUB Healthcare, select a provider that aligns with your organization’s needs, such as GE Healthcare HUB or IBM Watson Health. They will assist in integrating your current systems with the HUB platform.

Workflow Optimization in HUB

Access Workspace Settings

  • Action: In your workspace, select ‘Settings’ from the menu dropdown to begin customizing workflows.

Edit Workspace

  • Action: Choose ‘Edit Workspace’ for customization options.

Manage Case Stages

  • Action: Go to ‘Case Stages’ within the settings to define your workflow framework.

Set Workflow Stages

  • Guide: Add stages representing each phase in your process.

  • Action: Click the plus button to add stages, naming each to reflect the workflow steps.

Steps within Stages

  • Guide: Divide stages into specific steps, such as document reviews or approvals.

  • Action: Add and define steps in each stage using the available tools.

Choose Workflow Steps

  • Guide: Select step types that suit your process.

  • Action: Explore different step types from the dropdown menu.

Assign Steps to Stages

  • Guide: Ensure a logical flow by placing steps in the correct stages.

  • Action: Drag and drop each step into its stage.

Edit and Expand Workflows

  • Guide: Adapt your workflow as your needs change.

  • Action: Modify stages, add steps, or create new workflows as needed.

Customize and Implement Your Workflow

  • Guide: Personalize the workflow to meet your operational goals.

  • Action: After customization, save your workflow to implement it.

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HUB Healthcare provides a structured approach to managing healthcare workflows, directly impacting operational efficiency and patient care. With its integration capabilities and real-time data access, HUB Healthcare is a valuable asset in the fast-paced healthcare sector. Remember, successful implementation and regular updates are key to leveraging HUB’s full potential in your organization.

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