Leading Care at Mountainside Surgery

The Center for Ambulatory Surgery in Mountainside, NJ, is a premier facility that specializes in a wide range of surgical services. This center is committed to delivering quality, affordable care with a focus on orthopedics, podiatry, back, urology, neurology, plastic surgery, general surgery, chronic pain, sinus, and ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions. Their dedication to ensuring patient comfort and safety, coupled with a team of highly trained surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses, makes it a standout candidate for inclusion in the top 100 surgery centers list​​.

What Makes the Center Special:

  • Broad Range of Specialties: The Center offers comprehensive services in specialties like orthopedic procedures, pain management, podiatry procedures, spine procedures, urology, women’s health, and more, ensuring a wide array of medical needs are met under one roof​​.
  • Highly Rated Patient Experience: With patient experience scores that exceed national averages, the Center for Ambulatory Surgery prioritizes patient satisfaction and safety, making it a preferred choice for outpatient surgical care​​.
  • Experienced Team of Physicians: The Center boasts a diverse team of physicians across various specialties, ensuring that patients receive expert care tailored to their specific health needs​​.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers and HUB Healthcare:

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) like the Center for Ambulatory Surgery are designed to provide a convenient, cost-effective alternative to hospital-based surgery. These centers use specialized ASC software to enhance operational efficiency, patient care, and scheduling. HUB Healthcare complements these technological advancements by offering a platform for providers, patients, and ASCs to streamline the coordination of care. This ensures a smooth process for scheduling, documentation, and communication, all within a HIPAA-secure environment.

About HUB Healthcare:

HUB Healthcare is a vital resource for the healthcare community, facilitating seamless coordination between providers, patients, and ASCs. It aids in the management of procedures, insurance documentation, scheduling, and direct communication, all aimed at ensuring the procedure goes smoothly. Patients can create a free account and invite their surgery center representative through their workspace, keeping their documents secure and communication direct. This collaborative approach exemplifies the future of healthcare coordination, emphasizing patient safety and convenience.

For more insights into how the Center for Ambulatory Surgery sets the standard in outpatient surgical care, visit our top 100 list on HUB Healthcare. To see how ASCs and patients can streamline communication together, visit the HUB Healthcare case scheduling page.

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This facility’s commitment to excellence in patient care, safety, and a broad spectrum of surgical services aligns with the criteria for being among the top 100 surgery centers, making it a model of high-quality outpatient care.