Excellence at Silver Cross ASC

Silver Cross Ambulatory Surgery Center, located at 1003 Pawlak Parkway, New Lenox, Illinois, stands out as a beacon of excellence in the field of outpatient surgical care. This state-of-the-art facility is a joint venture between Silver Cross Hospital, independent surgeons, and United Surgical Partners International, ensuring a collaborative approach to healthcare that maximizes both quality and efficiency.

What Sets Silver Cross ASC Apart:

  • Comprehensive Care and Specialties: With three operating rooms and 12 pre and post-operation beds, the center is equipped to handle a wide array of surgical procedures. Specialties include anesthesiology, ENT, general surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pain management, plastic surgery, podiatry, spine surgery, and urology​​.
  • Accreditation and Physician Ownership: The center is accredited by The Joint Commission, licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health, and Medicare certified, ensuring the highest standards of care. It’s noteworthy that physicians have an ownership or investment interest in the facility, highlighting their commitment to its success​​.
  • Design and Facilities: The interior features specialized rooms for surgical procedures, clean and soiled holding areas, nurse stations, and patient holding bays, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for both patients and staff​​.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Software and HUB Healthcare:

Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) software streamlines operations from scheduling to billing, enhancing the patient experience and operational efficiency. HUB Healthcare complements this technology by offering a platform for providers, patients, and ASCs to coordinate care seamlessly. It facilitates communication, scheduling, and document management in a HIPAA-secure environment, ensuring a smooth and effective care pathway.

Why Silver Cross ASC Deserves Recognition:

Silver Cross ASC’s commitment to quality care, patient safety, and innovative practices, coupled with its comprehensive range of services and specialties, makes it a deserving candidate for inclusion in the top 100 surgery centers list. The center’s efficient design, collaborative model, and dedication to affordable outpatient care reflect its role in transforming healthcare delivery.

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About HUB Healthcare:

HUB Healthcare is a pivotal resource for enhancing coordination between providers, patients, and ASCs. It offers tools for efficient procedure coordination, insurance documentation, and scheduling. This platform allows patients to securely communicate with their surgery center, making healthcare experiences smoother and more connected. For more information on streamlining communication between ASCs and patients, visit HUB Healthcare’s case scheduling page.

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