Ambulatory Surgery Centers: Why They’re Becoming a Popular Choice for Patients

When it comes to medical procedures, patients have traditionally had two options: hospitals or private practices. However, in recent years, surgery centers have emerged as a popular alternative for patients seeking specialized care. In this article, we will explore the advantages of surgery centers and why they are becoming a popular choice for patients.

Convenience and Efficiency


One of the main advantages of surgery centers is their convenience and efficiency. Unlike hospitals, which can be large and overwhelming, surgery centers are typically smaller and more focused on specific procedures. This means that patients can expect a streamlined experience, with shorter wait times and a more personalized approach to their care. Additionally, surgery centers often have more flexible scheduling options, making it easier for patients to find a time that works for them.

Cost Savings

Another major advantage of surgery centers is the potential for cost savings. Hospitals are known for their high costs, and even private practices can be expensive. Surgery centers, on the other hand, are often more affordable due to their specialized focus and lower overhead costs. This can be especially beneficial for patients who are paying out of pocket or have high deductibles.

Specialized Care

Surgery centers are typically focused on a specific type of procedure, such as oral surgery or eye surgery. This means that the staff and equipment are specifically tailored to that type of procedure, resulting in a higher level of specialized care. Additionally, the surgeons and staff at surgery centers are often highly experienced and specialized in their field, providing patients with peace of mind and confidence in their care.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Surgery centers are equipped with the latest and most advanced technology, allowing for more precise and efficient procedures. This can result in better outcomes for patients and a more comfortable experience overall. Additionally, surgery centers often have a higher nurse-to-patient ratio, meaning that patients receive more individualized attention and care during their procedure.

Personalized Experience

Surgery centers are known for their personalized approach to patient care. Unlike hospitals, where patients may feel like just another number, surgery centers prioritize individualized attention and care. This can include pre-operative consultations, personalized treatment plans, and follow-up care. Patients often feel more comfortable and at ease in the smaller, more intimate setting of a surgery center.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) like Oklahoma Surgical Hospital (OSH) and Oklahoma Surgicare are redefining patient care in the healthcare industry. These centers exemplify the shift towards more patient-focused, efficient, and specialized care environments.

Oklahoma Surgical Hospital (OSH)

Established by a group of local physicians, OSH was born out of a vision to center hospital care around the patient’s needs. This approach has led to the creation of a hospital that not only boasts of outstanding medical quality but also emphasizes a personalized service environment​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Oklahoma Surgicare

Oklahoma Surgicare specializes in outpatient surgery procedures that do not require standard hospitalization services. Serving the residents of Oklahoma City and surrounding counties, the facility is dedicated to meeting the same-day surgical needs of its patients. This focus on outpatient procedures highlights a trend towards more efficient, cost-effective care that doesn’t compromise on quality​​.

What Makes These Centers Effective

Both OSH and Oklahoma Surgicare have embraced the core principles that make ASCs attractive to patients: specialized care, efficiency, and personalized attention. They represent a growing trend in healthcare where patients are seeking more streamlined, convenient, and cost-effective surgical options. These facilities often offer a range of services and have systems in place to cater to various specialties, as indicated by Oklahoma Surgicare’s comprehensive physician search feature, which allows patients to find doctors by specialty and other criteria​​​​​​.

Their commitment to patient-centric care, combined with the use of advanced medical technologies and practices, positions them as prime examples of how ASCs are becoming a popular choice for patients. This shift reflects an evolving healthcare landscape where patients are looking for quality care that is both accessible and tailored to their specific needs.

Nurse holding a computer, demonstrating HUB Healthcare's workflow capabilities and integrated healthcare solutions.

How HUB Healthcare Can Help

HUB Healthcare offers a comprehensive platform designed to enhance provider engagement and drive patient volume at surgery centers. Our suite of tools includes patient management software, automated scheduling, and data analytics to streamline operations and improve communication among healthcare providers. By leveraging HUB Healthcare, surgery centers can optimize their workflows, ensure timely patient follow-ups, and create a seamless experience that encourages patient retention and growth. This not only boosts provider engagement but also drives patient volume, ensuring sustainable growth and enhanced patient care.

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