User Management Guide and Walkthrough for HUB Healthcare

Comprehensive User Management Guide and Walkthrough for HUB Healthcare

Introduction to Inviting Members

  • Guide: Inviting members to your workspace is essential for HIPAA-compliant collaboration and communication in HUB Healthcare.
  • Action: Start by understanding how to add members for effective team collaboration.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Members:

1. Navigate to the ‘Plus’ Button

  • Guide: The ‘Add’ button is your tool to invite new members to your workspace.
  • Action: Locate and click the ‘Plus’ or ‘Add’ button in your workspace.

2. Click ‘Invite’

  • Guide: Choose ‘Invite’ to start the process of adding new users.
  • Action: Select the ‘Invite’ option to proceed.

3. Invite Users to Your Workspace

  • Guide: You have the option to add existing HUB members or invite new ones via email.
  • Action: Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite and click ‘Enter.’

4. Confirming the Invitation

  • Guide: After entering the email, you can either proceed to invite the user or cancel if needed.
  • Action: Click ‘Invite’ to send the invitation or ‘Cancel’ if you change your mind.

Managing Workspace Members

1. Accessing Member Management


  • Guide: The hub is the central point for managing all your workspace members.
  • Action: Expand the main menu in your workspace to access member management.

2. Select the User Menu

  • Guide: Here you’ll find all your contacts and collaborators.
  • Action: Access the User Menu to view your workspace members.

3. Managing Your Members

  • Guide: In this section, you can modify member permissions, add users in bulk, and organize members into groups.
  • Action: Utilize these tools for efficient user management.

4. Creating Groups for Collaboration


  • Guide: Grouping members simplifies collaboration and communication.
  • Action: Find and select the ‘Groups’ option at the top of the page to form new groups.

5. Setting User Permissions

  • Guide: Control what each member can see and do in the workspace by setting appropriate permissions.


  • Action: Adjust individual member permissions in this section.

6. Locating User Permission Details


  • Guide: Detailed information on user permissions is available for review.
  • Action: Check this section for specifics on each member’s access and capabilities.

Ongoing Member Management

  • Guide: With your members added and organized, remember that managing your workspace is an ongoing process.
  • Action: Regularly revisit the member management section to add, remove, or adjust member roles and permissions as your team evolves.


By following this guide, you can effectively manage users in your HUB Healthcare workspace, ensuring a seamless and compliant collaboration environment. Remember, the flexibility of HUB Healthcare allows you to customize user roles and permissions to fit the unique needs of your team and projects.