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Hub is the HIPAA compliant communication command center for medical case management. Communicate, organize, and manage in one place.

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Which one are you?

Case manager or Medical scheduler

Hub is designed to help Medical Case Managers stay organized, track every detail, and provide the best possible patient care experience

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Sales rep or Device manufacturer

Hub helps Medical Equipment Suppliers drive more sales by offering clients a more efficient process and a better way to manage their cases

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HUB has all the features you want

Create one workspace for everyone

Get all the players from every company and every part of the process together in one place. Your workspace can include descriptions, stages, steps, workflows, assignments, and more. Сreate your own or start from a HUB template.

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Manage and track specific cases

Everyone can access and track progress on specific cases you are working on. All the information and files for that case are stored and saved in one place. It’s easy to create, use templates to create your case folders on HUB and invite all necessary parties to collaborate

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Break up your work into subtasks

HUB allows you to create stages and steps within your cases. This allows you to divide individual tasks and monitor the progress. If there are “bottleneck” tasks or processes, you can track them closely by setting them up as their own stage and step within the case dashboard.

Examples of steps could be:

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User rights and groups

HUB lets you assign various user rights to individuals, and even create groups where you can better connect and communicate with team members and co-workers. You can HUB to receive notifications when a person is tagged, or a step is completed. And there are tools such as chat and video conference to facilitate better communication.

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Digital preference card

With HUB you can create preference cards that contain the required tools and materials for a specific operation and a specific user. You can include units and products from the inventory catalog.

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Easily manage your products

HUB manages the type, price, quantity, and availability of products. You can easily add a new product and create a transport request. It’s also easy to manage product groups, products that have different sizes and parameters (I.E. gloves of different sizes

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The bottom line is HUB makes your job easy

No more faxing and digging through emails

How are we still using fax machines in 2022? HUB gives everyone a single HIPAA compliant location to keep and transfer documents, and conversations.


Keep everyone accountable and on track

Every other industry has started to use cloud-based project management tools to keep teams on track and accountable for tasks. HUB does that for the medical industry.


Easy to use and set up

It’s easy to get set up and running on HUB within minutes. And because the user interface is so intuitive and user-friendly, there’s hardly any learning curve for new users.



Patient care depends upon collaboration, and this means barriers to participation must be removed.
Ease of use and pricing are two hurdles that traditional healthcare software places in the path of collaboration. We’ve removed both. Our pricing policy is straightforward - HUB is free forever.
This means HUB allows you to streamline and improve patient outcomes by easily collaborating and coordinating with your team and those outside of your organization at no cost.



Integrate everything into one spot

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